Hello from Rome!

I am in Italy for 3 months, taking part in the Monastic Formators’ Program. This is an opportunity for men and women who follow the Rule of St Benedict to explore the richness of our monastic tradition and to reflect on how we can best pass that on to the next generation.

We are 26 participants from 16 different countries! Learning from one another and sharing our lived experience of the monastic life is very much part of this time together.

We are also surrounded by international students, as the first part of the program is based at Sant Anselmo, the Benedictine University. Sant Anselmo is also the residence of the Abbot Primate and it is a great privilege to be here and to experience the unity in diversity of our Benedictine life in practice.

Top speakers join us to share their knowledge and wisdom. So far we have had teaching on the Rule, The Life of St Benedict, the Desert Fathers, Monastic History and Monastic Spirituality.

We are also able to visit places associated with St Benedict and the monastic tradition throughout the ages and to get a sense of the history of the Church by being in this wonderful place, Rome the ‘Eternal City’!

Sending you all much love and prayers as I continue this pilgrimage

Sister Walburga